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Accounts Payable assists the district in meeting its operational needs by disbursing supplier payments and employee reimbursements in a responsible and timely manner. Accounts Payable recognizes the importance of and strives to build and maintain positive relationships and deliver excellent customer service; we seek to maximize effective cash management and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

  • Our Goal: Accounts Payable is a responsive resource for the DPS leadership, and a partner to student-serving departments and schools. We strive for continuous improvement through customer feedback, education and challenge. The Accounts Payable Department anticipates changing conditions and executes creative solutions by integrating technology, service and ingenuity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can a company or individual register to be a supplier with DPS?

  • Please visit the Purchasing webpage online here for more information and instructions.
  • Work with  your DPS representative so they can request a PaymentWorks registration be sent.

Do all DPS suppliers need to register with PaymentWorks?

Yes. A registration with PaymentWorks creates a profile within DPS’ Employee Space. This is the only way we can issue purchase orders or issue payments.

Are there invoicing requirements or restrictions?

Yes. See DPS Supplier Invoicing Requirements with complete details. Omission of any of the required information may cause delay in processing and payment of the invoice.

Is the supplier required to obtain a purchase order?

All suppliers are required to obtain a purchase order. The school or department will need to initiate the request for you. You will receive an email notification of the purchase order number.

  • Any project that is $10,000 or greater is required to obtain a purchase order PRIOR to any services being performed or product being ordered.
  • Please obtain the purchase order number from the school or department you are working with, and be sure to include the purchase order number on your invoices.

How frequently does DPS issue a payment?

DPS runs a payment cycle every Wednesday for payments, however our general payment terms are Net30 (30 days) from the invoice date so the system will not release the payment until the due date.

What are the payment methods in DPS?

Option 1: Direct Deposit

  • Our preferred method of payment is ACH direct deposit. With ACH, your payment will be go directly in to your bank account. You will receive an automated email titled “Payment Advice Notification” each time funds are transferred informing you of the invoice number(s) and invoice amount(s) that are being paid.
  • The transfer is processed on Wednesdays, the email notification is sent on Thursday, and the deposit should be in your bank account on Fridays. This method has payment terms at Net 30 (30 days) from the invoice date.
  • ACH information is provided through PaymentWorks. Please log into your PaymentWorks account to add/update your information.

Option 2: Check

  • The second payment method is by check. If a payment is due to a supplier a check will issue on Thursday of that week. There is no notification of payment being issued. This method has payment terms at Net 30 (30 days) from the invoice date

Option 3: Automated Credit Card

  • The third payment method is by automated credit card (Single Use Account – through JP Morgan). The supplier must have the capabilities to run a credit card payment. When payment is released by DPS, the supplier will receive an email alert that they have a payment ready to retrieve by logging in to their account profile that the email notification provides. The benefit to sign up to receive payment by automated credit card is that the payment terms will be immediate.

How can a supplier find out about the status of their payment?

Log into your PaymentWorks account and track the payment record online.

Send an email to with the details of your request, or call 720-423-1383.

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