Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of School District No. 1 in the City and County of Denver and State of Colorado (the “School District”) is submitted in compliance with 29-1-603 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and the by-laws of the Board of Education.  This report is prepared by the Financial Services Department.  The responsibility for both the accuracy of the presented data and the completeness and fairness of the presentation, including all disclosures, remains with the School District.

  • The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is presented in three sections: introductory, financial, and statistical.
  • The introductory section includes a transmittal letter, the School District’s organizational chart, a list of principal officials and a reproduction of the GFOA Certificate of Achievement and the ASBO Certificate of Excellence;
  • The financial section includes management’s discussion and analysis, the basic financial statements, required supplementary information, and other supplementary information, as well as the independent auditors’ report on the financial statements and schedules and;
  • The statistical section includes selected financial and demographic information, generally presented on a multi-year basis.