About Financial Services

Several functional disciplines listed below are incorporated within Financial Services with a goal of providing the most professional and comprehensive financial support possible and meet the District’s financial responsibilities.

Management of the district-wide financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting as well as site level financial support.

Timely and accurate management of financial reporting to the District’s internal and external customers as well as intake and disbursement of funds. Maintaining the District’s financial accounting systems and processes is inherent in this function.

Timely and efficient management of vendor contracts and the procurement needs of the District.

Management of employee payments and reimbursements through payroll as well as associated taxes and other deductions.

Timely and accurate verification and processing of payments to vendors as well as reimbursement request verifications of employees.

Management of grant funding from application to audit.

Management of property liability, insurance, and worker’s compensation coverage and claims. Assisting schools and departments in managing risk and loss prevention analysis is inherent in this function.

Management of timely and accurate execution for six mandatory state and federal data submissions for SST, October Count, End of Year, Safety and Discipline, Report Card March and Directory and Office of Civil Rights.